I Am Statement

September 8, 2017

October 13, 2009, 11:32am

“The Seven Faces of Intention”

Based on the book “The Ability of Intention” by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

I AM Creative

I am creating banking affluence in my life, I am able to pay all of my bills and still accept affluence of assets to accept fun and allotment with my accompany and family. I am creating all-powerful relationships with my accouchement and grandchildren. I am creating a divine, kind, loving, caring, monogamous, honest accord with my spouse. I am creating purpose in my life. I am creating a defended plan ambiance with banking benefits.

I AM Kind

I am affectionate to all forms of life. I systematically attending for places and situations to be kind; I put my ego abreast and feel 18-carat affection appear all people. I amusement others with account with my words and my actions.

I AM Love

I am love, I access all of my relationships with adulation and I carefully accept adulation over fear. I feel a abysmal adulation for all things created. I forward out affection acquainted adulation to the humans who adulation me and the humans who accept wronged me. I absorb time anniversary day in absolutely acquainted affiliation with my Source, arresting the adulation and sending out mine.

I AM Beauty

I am admirable and absolute the way I was created. I see adorableness in all of conception abnormally area it is harder for others to see it. I boring into peoples eyes and see their ablaze and adorableness if I allege to them. I absorb quiet time in attributes arresting it’s activity and beauty.

I AM Expansive

I am infinite. I am able to angle aback in my apperception and watch my thoughts and apperceive that they are not me. I am in acquaintance with a greater power, area all ability and apperceive how is created. I apperceive that it is all accessible to me, I read, allocution and accept to others to aggrandize my knowledge.

I AM “Unlimitedly” Abundant

There are no banned to what I can actualize for myself. I am as a bird who does not anguish from area my aliment and apartment will come. I do not wish for anything. My desires are met after effort. I am beholden for all that I accept and all that is on its way to me. I acquiesce all that I accept to breeze through me and I do not authority on to annihilation because there is consistently added to have. I accept abounding LOVE, I accept abounding MONEY, I accept abounding HEALTH, I accept abounding TALENT, I accept abounding KNOWLEDGE, I accept abounding JOY, and I accept abounding PEACE.

I AM Receptive

I apperceive that my Antecedent speaks through abounding channels. I am acceptant to It’s ability and advice in their abounding forms. I go above my ego and affix to WHO I AM area I am able to be acceptant after judgment. I am acceptant to CREATION, I am acceptant to KINDNESS, I am acceptant to LOVE, I am acceptant to BEAUTY, I am acceptant to EXPANSION, and I am acceptant to ABUNDANCE. -I AM THAT, I AM-

This was not accounting as a abetment of what some alarm the “Law of Attraction”. This is alone a account of who I am, as I was created in the affinity of my source. I am a absorption of all of these attributes and accept called to acquiesce them to flash through me. In accomplishing so, my acquaintance in this time and amplitude has been altered. What are your accurate intentions? How will you accompany them alternating in a able way?

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